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Bosnia & Herzegovina: BHRT Financial Situation Deteriorates Further

BHRT Lost 500,000 Euro In The Past 12 Months

The financial situation at the Bosnia & Herzegovina national broadcaster BHRT has deteriorated further during the last 6 months.

BHRT which is already facing financial difficulties said that its revenue from licence fees had fallen 10% in the past 6 months. The broadcaster lost more than 1 million KM (510,000 Euro) in the past year and the broadcaster today agreed to make more cuts at the broadcaster. The broadcaster decided not to extend the contracts of 30 employees and ended contracts with 50 external workers.

The Board of Directors of the channel has made it clear they want to maintain the same level and quality of output at the broadcaster despite its issues, this includes rights for the European Football Championships. In terms of Eurovision 2016 the broadcaster is looking for sponsorship to help with their return to the contest in Stockholm. Bosnia & Herzegovina has until October 10 to withdraw from the competition without facing a fine from the EBU.

Source: Nezavisne

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  1. Poor Bosnia & Herzegovina! They have such good songs but they don’t have the money. A lot of people were hopping that they would return next year including me but now it looks like they won’t return. A similar thing happened last year.

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