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Will It Be Dotan?

It is being rumored that the Netherlands will be revealing their participant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 next month.

According to Richard Crommert of the Newspaper De Telegraaf and writer of Het grote songfestival boek, the next Dutch Eurovision participant will be announced by AVROTROS next month. Yesterday the winners of the Voice O’G3NE said that they had put their names forward to represent the Netherlands in Stockholm. It has also been strongly rumored that the singer will be Dotan, his debut album “7 Layers” peaked at number 1 in the Dutch charts in 2014.

The Netherlands was represented by Trijntje Osterhuis in Vienna with the song “Walk Along” she failed to qualify for the final finishing in 14th place in the first semi final with 33 points.

Source: Richard Crommert

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