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8 thoughts on “Sweden: SVT Want To Move Eurovision Start To 20:00 CET”

  1. In Spain that would be a big problem, Evening news start at 21:00 and prime time starts normally at 22.00. Guess what could happen if ESC takes place at 20:00. Not a good idea in Spain.

  2. Great idea for all the countries that not in uk time.
    Look for example about israel.
    The news in israel are always from 19:00 cet until 20:00 cet (20:00 and 21:00 local time) and from 20:00 cet to 22:00 cet is the best rating and because the eurovision start in 21:00 cet the ratings going down because most of the israeli people watch in reality shows and don’t have patience to wait to eurovision and until they remember in the eurovision if they change channel they watch from the middle.

  3. Terrible idea…..20:00 would be to early, yes in Junior Eurovision the show starts at 19:00 but that’s a kids version! This is the adult’s version!!! #StartAt21:00

  4. nah I disagree with everyone against it, to be honest Eurovision runs on far too late move it to 20:00 CET so then in the UK it would start at 19:00 GMT which is perfect, prime time starts at that time in the UK and is between 19:00 – 23:00 GMT. To have a show prime time family entertainment show like the eurovision starting at 23:00/ 00:00 CET in any country is ridiculous, if eurovision was on at that time in the UK it would struggle to get viewers.

  5. You do know all of these are rumours. right? Like the one about Måns hosting. Just today he said that he probably won’t host since he wants to focus on his career
    Until it’s been official published either by SVT or nothing is confirmed.
    And if get’s moved, so what? Are you such traditionalists that you can’t accept one hour earlier slot? It won’t affect the contest the slightest, except for that it will end one hour earlier. I for one starts to yawn around 23:00 and the contest was scheduled to 00.30, but went on even longer. It was to long..

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