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Switzerland: Michael Von Der Heide Releases “Pas vu le temps passer”

Listen To His New Single

Michael Von Der Heide who represented Switzerland at Eurovision 2010 has released a new single “Pas vu le temps passer”.

The single is off of his new album “Bellvue” which is due to be released on September 2. The song was composed by Maurizio Pozzi, with the lyrics written by Michael Von Der Heide and André Grueter. Michael has been part of the Swiss music scence since 1996 when he released his first album, to date he has released a total of 9 albums his last being “Lido” in 2011.

At the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, Michael performed “Il pleut de l’or”, he finished last in the second semi final scoring just 2 points.

Watch the official music video below:

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