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Austria: Eurovision 2015 Receives “Green Music Award”

Eurovision 2015 Receives Green Award
Eurovision 2015 Receives Green Award

ORF the Austrian National Broadcaster has this weekend received a “Green Music Award” for their hosting of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

ORF had set out for the 2015 contest to be a Green Event and the most environmentally friendly event of recent years and this paid off with ORF receiving the “Green Music Award” last night in Cologne, Germany. ORF Director General Dr. Alexander Wrabetz said:

With the Euro Vision Song Contest ‘2015, we have shown that even the world’s largest TV entertainment event with 100,000 visitors and approximately 200 million viewers and spectators can be oriented environmental and climate friendly through. the successful implementation, we have set a new standard for future major events. The ORF is replaced with the Green Music Award ‘another award for justifying, Euro Vision Song Contest’ as a Green Event. A great honor for the ORF and all contributors.

The Green Music Award is awarded by EnergieAgentur.NRW and the Green Music Initiative.

Source: APA OTS


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