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Germany: Torsten Amarell German HoD Leaves NDR

Torsten Amarell Moves To MDR

Torsten Amarell the former Head of the Delegation at the Eurovision Song Contest for Germany has left NDR.

Torsten had been the German Head of Delegation at the Eurovision Song Contest for the past couple of years, after working at NDR for 7 years he has gone on to work for Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) in Liepzig in a new role. The new German Head of Delegation will be announced in the next couple of months as preparations for the 2016 contest begin.

One of Torsten’s most well known moments was when he announced the German points in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen selection in 2014. Torsten read out the German points on a sheet of paper which had a topless photo of the Mesut Özil on the reverse.

Image Source: NDR

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