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Ukraine: National final song out of the race

14 songs left in the competition
14 songs left in the competition

Alina Valuiska, one of the 15 selected participants of the Ukrainian JESC national final is out of the race to represent her country in Sofia: Her entry “T.G.I.F – Thank God it’s Friday” has been accused of plagiarism, in detail of the song “So Bright ft. Eligh” by Pretty Lights, an American singer. NTU published a statement today concerning this issue:

“The jury of the National Selection that comprised of the composer and producer Mykhailo Nekrasov, actress and director Ruslana Pysanka, choreographer Anzhela Kopotia and a young singer Anastasiya Petryk, detected the copyright infringement. The music of the song “ T.G.I.F – Thank God it’s Friday” (performed by Alina Valuiska) writen by Pretty Lights and Anna Vakha are not original as was indicated in the application as the music coincides with the music of the song “So Bright feat. Eligh” written by Pretty Lights from the album “A color Map of the Sun” (2013).” NTU went on to say that they have “received neither the official confirmation that Alina Vluiska was involved in the process of writing the song, nor the documents for rights transfer from the authors Pretty Lights. Taking into consideration the fact of rulesviolation, Alina Valuiska is not allowed to compete in the final of the National Selection for JESC-2015.”

Ukraine will hold the final of its JESC selection on August 22.


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