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ESC’16: Stockholm To Host Eurovision 2016

SVT has this morning announced that the Globen in Stockholm will be the host venue for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

This is the third time that Stockholm has hosted the Eurovision Song Contest the last time being in 2000, furthermore it will be the second time that the Globen has been used as the venue for the contest. The 2016 contest itself will be split among a complex of buildings around the Globen, journalists will be situated in the Hovet venue, while delegations will be placed in the Annex. Furthermore SVT have said that the Tele2 Arena will be incorporated into the final.

Martin Österdahl the Executive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 said that:

Stockholm has delivered a thorough offer which guarantees that the event once again is taken to the next level

The Mayor of Stockholm, Karin Wanngård added:

To be the Host City for the Eurovision Song Contest gives us the opportunity to reinforce and stimulate the involvement which the music creates for people in Stockholm and all that will travel here to take part of the Swedish musical wonder,

The date of the shows next year are as follows:

  • Semi Final 1 – May 10
  • Semi Final 2 – May 12
  • Final – May 14

To date a total of 18 countries are provisionally confirmed as taking part in the 2016 contest, with both Ukraine and Turkey currently set to return.


11 thoughts on “ESC’16: Stockholm To Host Eurovision 2016”

  1. Yeah! Great connections to Estonia and Finland and flights to nearly every country in Europe to ArlandaAirport. Good choise, SVT! 🙂

  2. wrong choice because the globen and stockholm already host the contest and i think that every time when country host the contest
    the contest need to be in other city
    we saw last year 9 cities in Austria want to host and ORF chose in the boring option and now SVT do it again

    1. Did Austria have other arenas that was big enough though? That’s the issue.
      Just like Austria Sweden is a small country. We don’t have huge arenas as they have in France, Germany or U.K. We can’t look for other cities since they have even smaller arenas than those in Stockholm. Different cities works for countries with bigger population since they have mid-sized or big arenas in every city. We don’t have that.
      And Malmö was the host last time it was hosted in Sweden. And that turned out popular…

      1. 2013-I cant agree about eurovision 2013,I think petra mede is the worst eurovision host ever and also most eurovision fan in my country think the same.
        2015-Wiener Stadthalle wasn’t the biggest arena,there are 3 more arenas that bigger than wiener.
        2016-There arenas in sweden that bigger than globen in sweden and if i look in the list in wikipedia the most arenas are big as globen (around 13,000 after stage)

        1. Nah, the worst Eurovision host was Conchita in my opinion. She wasn’t relaxed in the green room so I got really tierd of her. 🙁 Besides that, I think Petra Mede was the best host ever! Go Petra! 🙂

  3. I wonder how they’ll use Tele2 Arena. 🙂

    And one more thing: There are 19 participants, not 18.

    1. Yeah, I actually hoped that Örnsköldsvik or Sandviken & Gävle would host. It would be something different than the last years when ESC has been held in the capital of the country or other larger cities.

  4. @Bouke Yeah! And I think we can deliver again if Måns and Petra would host it together. If Svt picks Gina Dirawi I really don’t know what to do… 🙂

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