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Maldives: Withdraws From The ABU TV Song Festival

The Maldives Will Not Be In Istanbul

The Island Broadcasting Company has confirmed to that they are withdrawing from the ABU TV Song Festival.

The Chief Operating Officer for VMedia the IBC’s main channel to that they had a performer lined up to participate in this years festival in Turkey, but financial constraints have meant they are unable to participate. The Maldives debuted in the ABU TV Song Festival last year in Macau and were represented by Mooshan Mubarik and his song “Rannamaari”. Maldives is now one of three countries to withdraw from the 2015 festival.

For the ABU TV Song Festival to take place a minimum of 10 countries need to participate in the show, to date 5 countries are confirmed for the festival, while a further country still to be announced.

Source: IBC

6 thoughts on “Maldives: Withdraws From The ABU TV Song Festival”

  1. This ABU Songfestival is getting a total disaster for TRT. Australia Brunei and Maledives have withdrawn, more countries following.

    1. The whole ATSF and ARSF are disasters in their current form. ABU should turn them into competitive events. Or they should unite them and make a televised Asiavision Song Contest instead.

  2. I don’t understand how ABU handles it! What’s that?! 3 new countries in, 3 old countries out 😀
    TRT should care for Türkvizyon instead of a theatral song festival 😛

    1. ABU has been commiting the same mistake from the very start of the event. They should turn it into a competition, otherwise the interest in the ATSF will fall.

      1. I know.. But they support it. And the first idea of Türkvizyon showed up by TRT as a version of Türkçevizyon (Turkish Music Festival). I mean they increase their support to Türkvizyon. TMB is not a big channel to host Türkvizyon as good as TRT.

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