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Czech Republic: 2016 Participation Discussions Underway

Discussions Underway About 2016 Participation
Discussions Underway About 2016 Participation

CT the Czech national broadcaster has begun discussing the idea of participating in Eurovision 2016, however no firm decision has been taken as of yet.

The Czech Republic returned to the Eurovision Song Contest this year after not participating since 2009. The contest was a success in terms of viewing numbers for the semi finals a peak of 63,000 viewers watched the first semi final far higher than the CT Art average of 20-30,000 viewers. The second semi final in which the Czech Republic competed brought a peak audience of 144,000 viewers. However viewing figures for the final were disappointing with a peak of 330,000 viewers tuning in, but the show was still only the sixth most watched of the day. was told by the Program Director at CT, Milana Fridricha that for the Czech Republic to participate the cost must be met by interest from the viewing public. A full decision on participation is expected to be taken later this summer after CT has hosted Eurovision Young Dancers 2015.


6 thoughts on “Czech Republic: 2016 Participation Discussions Underway”

  1. Yaaaaaaay! Slovakia is discussing to return, and if both Czech Republic and Slovakia will return it is two very unusual countries participating! Yaaaay! Go Czech!

  2. If they send a better song, because they can, and the song of 2015 was not very good, of course they will qualify! They must participate next year because they have possibilities 🙂

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