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Faroe Islands: Wants To Participate In The Eurovision Song Contest

Faroe Islands Cannot Currently Join The EBU

It has emerged that since 2010 the Faroese National Broadcaster KVP has been attempting to gain EBU membership and so participate in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Faroe Islands which is currently part of the Kingdom of Denmark is ineligible for EBU membership due to not being a sovereign nation recognised by the United Nations. The Faroese broadcaster has shown the contest in previous years including 2014 when Denmark hosted the contest in Copenhagen. It is unlikely that the Faroe Islands will participate in the contest in the next couple of years, due to no imminent Faroese independence vote.




6 thoughts on “Faroe Islands: Wants To Participate In The Eurovision Song Contest”

  1. C’mon, let them participate! Faroe Islands, Kosovo and Liechtenstein. Yeah! 🙂

      1. Yes, definetley. 🙂 I also think about this: Kosovo participated in EYD 2011 and are not part of FN. Then Faroe Islands can participate I believe. 🙂

    1. Well it could also be England’s flag with blue lines over the red cross it could be alot of flags so don’t you go around and say we did it trough another flag

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