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Czech Republic: Helena Nováčková – Interview

Helena Nováčková Is Representing The Czech Republic
Helena Nováčková Is Representing The Czech Republic

Ahead of the final of Eurovision Young Dancers 2015 we spoke to this years Czech participant, Helena Nováčková. Helena will be representing her country on home soil in Pilsen. Here is what she had to say:

It’s just over a week until Eurovision Young Dancers 2015, how have your preparations for the contest been going?

My preparations for Eurovision goes very well. I spend a lot of time at my dance studio “Emotion” to improve my dance technique and choreography.

You are representing the Czech Republic on home soil at this years contest, what does it mean to you to be able to perform in front of a Czech audience?

I really like to know that my family and my friends will be there with me in Pilsen. And I can feel all the encouragement. It means a lot for me.

This is not the first time you have represented the Czech Republic at an international contest, you have taken part in the IDO World Championships and the DWC World Cup, what were those experiences like for you?

All the experiences from any competitions I have competed in are very important for me and my dance career. It is the small steps to make your dreams possible.

The solo routine that you will perform is called “Soldier on My Own”, can you tell us more about it?

My solo is called Soldier on my own and this is like the war inside me.

What emotions do you feel when you perform your routine?

It is something like homecoming, because it is something that I know and prefer.

How would it feel for you to win Eurovision Young Dancers for the Czech Republic?

I will be really surprise if I win this competition. I think it is impossible to win but I will do everything to give the best performance.

What is the one thing that you are looking forward to most from Eurovision Young Dancers?

I am looking forward to meet with new people and getting new experiences in dance.

Finally, do you have anything you’d like to say to the readers of

I would like to invite all of the eurovoix readers to watch this on TV. And I have another thing, everything is possible, if you really want. Just have to try it… 🙂

We wish Helena all the best for the competition and the future. Tomorrow we will be bringing you an interview with the Maltese dancer Anthea Zammit.

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