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Kazakhstan: Bala Turkvizyon Selection Final On September 17

National Final On August 1
National Final On August 1

Kazakhstan will select their participant for the first Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest on September 17 after a 4 month-long selection process.

Casting sessions will take place in 16 regions across Kazakhstan with one singer from each region being chosen to go through to the final on August 1st. The winner will be decided by a jury vote and a sms vote.  The selection process begins on June 8th.

The General Co-ordinator of the Turkvizyon Song Contest, Islam Bagirov said at the launch of Bala Turkvizyon that:

Why are we giving the start of the contest in Kazakhstan? Today Nursultan Nazarbayev is not only the leader of Kazakhstan, but also one of the prominent leaders of the Turkic world. The culture of Your country is developing very dynamically, in the line of ascent. This was the first reason for choosing Kazakhstan as a starting point. Secondly, the competition «Turkvizyon» has been held for two years. During this time our Kazakh colleagues – «ADAM MediaGroup» conducted a national selection stage at the highest level. Another reason –that the event is patronized by the Fund of Aliya Nazarbayeva. It shows concern for the development of children’s art of singing at a high level. I am sure that Kazakhstan stage of selection will take place very efficiently. I wish success to all children. We are sure that «Bala Turkvizyon – Children’s Turkvizyon» will give a new impetus to the development of children’s creativity in Kazakhstan.

More details of how the contest will work were announced. The show will be split into a semi final and a final with around 20 countries expected to send a singer to the contest. The date of the international contest has not yet been announced.

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