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9 thoughts on “France: France 2 Confirm 2016 Participation”

  1. France should organize a preselection with about 10 to 20 participants performing different types of songs and let an international jury vote too, like at Melodifestivalen. I think this way they’ll be able to find a song that fits the taste of the European majority. Internal selections are always very dangerous, especially for the Big 5 countries.

    1. Or they should convince Indila, Woodkid or Kendji Girac. These 3 artists could bring them back to the left side of the scoreboard. 🙂

      1. Indila, Woodkid and Kendji Girac are promoted by TF1, while France Télévision is the channel of the Eurovision broadcast in France. Then, they can’t choose them to represent France :/

        1. But they could try it. 🙂 (Although Indila has already said that she doesn’t want to participate. But – as Valentina says – maybe…)

  2. Kendji Girac – Gitano ? Ça marcherai ! 😉
    Après d’après un sondage seulement une énorme majorité des français souhaitent sortir de l’Eurovision si le mode de sélection ne viendrai pas à changer…. Changeons donc ce mode de sélection ! !

  3. In English
    Kendji girac – Gitano? Good idea!
    After according to a survey only a huge majority of French want out of Eurovision if the selection mode will not come to change …. Let us change this selection mode! !

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