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Bala Turkvizyon: Childrens Turkvizyon Song Contest Launched

Bala Turkvizyon Launches This Year

A children’s version of the Turkvizyon Song Contest has been officially launched, the contest which is known as “Bala Turkvizyon” will take place this October in Turkmenistan.

Participants in the contest must be aged between 8 and 15 and will perform in their national language in the contest.

So far the only country to confirm their participation in the contest is Kazakhstan who are starting their selection on June 1st. Participants in the Kazakh selection must be aged between 8 and 13 years old. A total of 16 singers will participate in the selection with the winner being decided by a combination of jury vote and sms vote. You can watch the Kazakh selection on Khabar TV from 21:00 CET.

Source: Bala Turkvizyon

8 thoughts on “Bala Turkvizyon: Childrens Turkvizyon Song Contest Launched”

  1. It is great to hear that! Turkvizyon will improved like ESC as soons as we see 🙂 Good luck too all bala in contest! 😀

  2. I’m sure a few years later there will be a Türkvizyon Dance Contest, a Türkvizyon Young Dancers and a Türkvizyon Young Musicians. 😀

    1. Daniel, i don’t think they will be 🙂 Turkic countries have may activies among them like dance, cultural shows, olympic games and even national celebrates.. So, to make a contest for all these doesn’t seem realistic 😀
      All we need is a “public vote” in Türkvizyon for now xD

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