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Australia: SBS Lobbying For 2016 Participation

Australia Want To Stay For 2016
Australia Want To Stay For 2016

SBS the Australian broadcaster behind this years Australian Eurovision participation has said they are involved in more lobbying for future participation.

The news came out as SBS Manager Director Michael Ebeid was in front of the Australian Senate being questioned about SBS. It was also revealed that Sony Music Germany paid for the Australian participation fee and covered all of the expenses and costs of Guy Sebastian and his delegation. This meant that SBS incurred no additional costs from participating this year.

Australia debuted in Eurovision 2015 as a special anniversary guest, however over the past two weeks the EBU has toned down on denying that Australia could not participate in the 2016 contest.

Source: The Australian

3 thoughts on “Australia: SBS Lobbying For 2016 Participation”

  1. I haven’t problem for Australia to stay in Eurovision 🙂 But they must participate in semifinals.

  2. I think Eurovision is become so much more then only looking to the countries that are in Europe. See building bridges; look futher! It is connecting people and people that are interested in Europe ways. Like Australia: people that originally come from Europe, i think they belong to Eurovision for that reason! SO, if eurovision really believes this slogan, they have to make new bridges! Also China is a bridge we can step!

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