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Norway: “A Monster Like Me” – Mørland and Debrah Scarlett

Vocally excellent, extremely polished performance. Stand out moment towards the end with the key change, brilliant.

Portugal: “Há um mar que nos separa” – Leonor Andrade

Leonor’s vocals were rather good, she looked good on stage. Think she may struggle to qualify.

Czech Republic: “Hope never dies” – Marta and Vaclav

Again, another strong entry vocally, Vaclav is wearing a sparkly belt! Great duet, think the juries will like this!

Israel: “Golden boy” – Nadav Guedj

Energetic performance, got the crowd moving and us in the press centre. Really hope this qualifies, and it deserves to!

Latvia: “Love Injected” – Aminata

Gorgeous performance from Aminata, she really had a stage presence in the arena – her voice was incredible. Surely, this has to qualify – gave me goosebumps!

Azerbaijan: “Hour of the wolf” – Elnur Hüseynov

Vocally, Elnur is good in the chorus but his voice on the verses isn’t as strong. Sometimes struggle to understand what he is singing in the verses. But this is most likely to qualify.

Iceland: “Unbroken” – Maria Olafs

The staging for this is beautiful – Northern Lights in the background and the floor looks like molten lava. Maria’s vocals are strong, I love the presentation of all things Iceland in this performance. Hera Bjork who represented Iceland in 2010 is a backing singer!

Sweden: “Heroes” – Måns Zelmerlöw

Vocally excellent, polished performance. There isn’t anything bad to say about it! Although Måns did lean a little to the left in front of the projected screen.

Switzerland: “Time to Shine” – Melanie Rene

Vocally, Melanie is good – shame that the jet streams come across rather loudly on the TV. Its a good performance, but not sure if it will gather enough votes for it to qualify.

Cyprus: “One thing I should have done” – John Karayiannis

There is a lovely black and white filter effect at the beginning of the song which is effective. Such a simple, sweet performance that I am sure will get quite a few votes, and will be a hit with the juries. The crowd engage with the song by lighting up the arena with their mobile phones.

Slovenia: “Here for You” – Maraaya 

Vocally really good, love the air violinist – really unique to add to the performance. Overall fantastic, I really hope this does well!

Poland: “In the name of love” – Monika Kuszyńska

Another vocally strong performance from Monika, the backing singers were off key a little bit, but overall a solid performance. This semi-final is really hard to call!

Portugal: “Há um mar que nos separa” – Leonor Andrade

We have another run through of Portugal’s entry due to technical difficulties on her previous performance. The graphics projected onto the screen look a bit like Dublin’s stage in 1994. Again vocally strong, again think this will struggle to qualify.

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