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Bulgaria: Will Hold Eurovision 2015 Vote

BNT Bring More Than Just TV Coverage
BNT Bring More Than Just TV Coverage

BNT of Bulgaria will be allowing the public to vote as part of their Eurovision 2015 coverage.

BNT will be broadcasting the final of Eurovision 2015, and as part of their coverage will allow the Bulgarian public to vote in this years contest. Viewers will be directed to where they will be able to vote for their favourite songs. The results of the online vote will be combined with a jury, the results will be published straight after the final. The BNT vote is similar to how SBS in Australia allowed the Australian public to get involved in their Eurovision broadcasts prior to participation this year.

Bulgarian National television will also have a crew in Vienna who will be reporting on the contest for the Bulgarian public. A special live blog on the official site will be opened as of the first day of the rehearsals. Bulgarian online users have been encouraged to send to BNT everything that shows their support to the contestants – special videos, postcards, selfies, flags of the countries, painted in an original way and everything else that could possibly come to someone’s mind.

Source: BNT

7 thoughts on “Bulgaria: Will Hold Eurovision 2015 Vote”

        1. Maybe they already planned hosting the show before knowing the result of JESC 2014, as their entry was very popular among the Bulgarians

  1. I don’t get it, will their votes be revealed during the evening by a spokesperson and be a part of the final result? Like Serbia/Montenegro did in 2006?

    1. Their points will not count towards any result on the night. They will just publish their own results after the final of the contest.

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