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China: Hunan TV To Broadcast Eurovision 2015 Live

The Contest Is Being Broadcast Live

Hunan Television will be broadcasting this years Eurovision Song Contest live for the first time to a Chinese audience.

Hunan Television is the second most watched channel China and will be broadcasting both semi finals and the finals live. This means for audiences in China will be able to watch the show live from 03:00 local time. This is not the first time the contest has been broadcast in China, in 2013 CCTV broadcast the contest 2013 on delay in November.

China joins Bulgaria, Canada, New Zealand and Ukraine as non-competing countries broadcasting this years competition.

Source: Hunan Television

6 thoughts on “China: Hunan TV To Broadcast Eurovision 2015 Live”

  1. Hey, the local time is 03:00, not 04:00 according to its schedule. Hunan TV is not the secon largest TV channel, it is the second-most-viewed TV channel in China.

    1. Hunan TV’s signal covers most of China, including Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan. They also see the song contest

  2. Can someone give a link to the Chinese Eurovision show? I want to watch with Chinese commentary! 😀

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