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Vienna Calling
Vienna Calling

From Macedonia we head to this years host nation of Austria. This years contest will be coming live from the Austrian capital, Vienna a city that last hosted the contest back in 1967.

Austria debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957 and just 10 years later won the contest for the first time with Udo Jürgens and his song “Mercie Cherie”. Since that win Austria did not manage to get a top.3 result until Conchita Wurst’s win in 2014 with the song “Rise Like A Phoenix”. Conchita scored a total of 290 points receiving a total of 13 sets of 12 points.

On the Austria Eurojury today are Royal Kombo. Royal Kombo participated in the Austrian 2015 selection “Wer singt für Österreich?”. They did not make it past the first round of the contest and were eliminated along with 10 other acts.

Here are the results of the Austrian Eurojury:

  1. Australia – 12 points
  2. Greece – 10 points
  3. Sweden – 8 points
  4. United Kingdom – 7 points
  5. Georgia – 6 points
  6. Israel – 5 points
  7. Germany – 4 points
  8. Macedonia – 3 points
  9. Lithuania – 2 points
  10. Norway – 1 point

So after the Austrian vote lets see how the top.5 now looks:

  1. Australia – 156 points
  2. Italy – 129 points
  3. Sweden – 118 points
  4. Russia – 85 points
  5. Albania – 80 points

We thank Royal Kombo for taking time out to participate in Eurojury. You can see the results so far as a table here – Eurojury-Points-2015. And follow all the results so far on the Eurojury section our website here and on the official mini website here.

Don’t agree with the results? Tell us who you’d vote for here.

We return again tomorrow at 17:00 CET with more results.

5 thoughts on “Eurojury: Austria Calling”

    1. Are the jury watching the videos from or CD? Would be Intresting to know if they for exampel judging Sweden from the MF or just the video with no background?

      1. They are just watching the videos from, they have been given the list that was first put up when the official videos were released. The only video that has changed is Sweden due to the copyright issues.

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