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Luxembourg Calling
Luxembourg Calling

After Iceland we head to Luxembourg. Luxembourg was last seen at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993, but has one of the most illustrious histories in the contest.

Luxembourg debuted in Eurovision at the inaugural event in 1956. They went on to win the contest in 1961, 1965, 1972, 1973 and 1983. In the 1990s Luxembourg’s results in the contest saw them finish outside of the top.10 for four years in a row. In recent years RTL has confirmed that they will not be returning to the contest.

On the Luxembourg Eurojury is the last winner of Eurovision for the nation, Corinne Hermès. She sang “Si la vie est cadeau” at the 1983 contest in Munich. She scored a total of 142 points, 6 points ahead of the second place nation of Israel. Corinne has recently released a new single “Apartment”.

Here are the results of the Luxembourg vote:

  1. Italy – 12 points
  2. United Kingdom – 10 points
  3. Slovenia – 8 points
  4. Latvia – 7 points
  5. Norway – 6 points
  6. Israel – 5 points
  7. Greece – 4 points
  8. Hungary – 3 points
  9. Iceland – 2 points
  10. Macedonia – 1 point

So after the points from Luxembourg here is the top.5:

  1. Australia – 132 points
  2. Italy – 115 points
  3. Sweden  – 83 points
  4. Russia – 81 points
  5. Iceland – 60 points

We thank Corinne for taking time out to participate in Eurojury. You can see the results so far as a table here – Eurojury-Points-2015. And follow all the results so far on the Eurojury section our website here and on the official mini website here.

Don’t agree with the results? Tell us who you’d vote for here.

We return again tomorrow at 17:00 CET with more results.

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