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Minsk Calling
Minsk Calling

From Germany we head to Belarus. Belarus remains as being the only country ever to debut in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest before participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. This year Belarus are represented by Uzari & Maimuna with the song “Time”.

Belarus first participated in Eurovision in the 2004 contest in Istanbul, they were represented by Aleksandra and Konstantin with “My Galileo”, they came 19th in the 22 country semi final with just 10 points. Since then they have qualified for the final on four ocassions in 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2014. Their best result was in 2007 when Koldun sang “Work Your Magic” in Helsinki, coming 6th with a total of 145 points.

On the Eurojury today are:

  • Gunesh – Gunesh has attempted to represent Belarus on seven ocassions. She also represented Belarus in the Turkvizyon Song Contest coming 2nd in the final with the song “Son Hatiralar”.
  • Petr Elfimov – Petr represented Belarus at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with the song “Eyes That Never Lie”. He finished 13th in the first semi final with 25 points.

Here are the results of the Belarussian Eurojury:

  1. Australia – 12 points
  2. Russia – 10 points
  3. Italy – 8 points
  4. Georgia – 7 points
  5. Norway – 6 points
  6. Azerbaijan – 5 points
  7. Macedonia – 4 points
  8. Sweden – 3 points
  9. Malta – 2 points
  10. Israel – 1 point

So no new countries have picked up anymore points. Here is how the top.5 now stands after 8 countries results:

  1. Australia – 59 points
  2. Italy – 46 points
  3. Russia – 40 points
  4. Sweden – 37 points
  5. Iceland – 23 points

We thank Gunesh and Petr. for taking time out to participate in Eurojury. You can see the results so far as a table here – Eurojury-Points-2015. And follow all the results so far on the Eurojury section our websitehere and on the official mini website here.

Don’t agree with the results? Tell us who you’d vote for here.

We return again tomorrow at 17:00 CET with more results.

8 thoughts on “Eurojury: Belarus Calling”

  1. Why is Australia so overrated? Just because it’s Australia? If yes, please, stop it and vote for Hungary! 😀

  2. My top 5 is

    1 Macedonia
    2 Poland
    3 Slovenia
    4 Lithuania
    5 Netherlands

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