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This Is Hamburg Calling
This Is Hamburg Calling

From Finland, we head to the winners of Eurovision 2010 and 1982, Germany. Germany will be represented by Ann Sophie in Vienna with the song “Black Smoke”, Germany brought us one of the most dramatic national selections of recent years with Andreas Kummert winning and then declining the win and giving it to Ann Sophie.

Germany debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest back at the inaugural contest in 1956, since then they have only missed one contest, the 1996 contest in Norway. Since winning the contest in 2010 Germany has had two more top.10 results, however in the past two years has place no higher than 18th place.

On the Eurojury today are two of this years wildcard round participants. They are:

  • Aden Jaron – Aden came 7th in the Club Konzert with 7.3% of the vote.
  • Klanpoet – They finished in 4th place with 11.6% of the vote, they performed the song “4 U”.

Here are the results of the German vote:

  1. Australia – 12 points
  2. Latvia – 10 points
  3. Ireland – 8 points
  4. Netherlands – 7 points
  5. Albania – 6 points
  6. Austria – 5 points
  7. Macedonia – 4 points
  8. Iceland – 3 points
  9. Belgium – 2 points
  10. Estonia – 1 point

So after the German vote, Ireland have now picked up their first points. So here is how the top.5 now looks:

  1. Australia – 47 points
  2. Italy – 38 points
  3. Sweden – 34 points
  4. Russia – 30 points
  5. Iceland – 23 points

We thank Aden Jaron and Klangpoet. for taking time out to participate in Eurojury. You can see the results so far as a table here – Eurojury Points 2015. And follow all the results so far on the Eurojury section our website here and on the official mini website here.

Don’t agree with the results? Tell us who you’d vote for here.

We return again tomorrow at 17:00 CET with more results.

5 thoughts on “Eurojury: Germany Calling”

  1. I”m happy for Latvia, but I can’t understand how so many juries don’t give anything to Sweden! 🙁

    1. Sweden is on #03 now, are you kidding me?! And furthermore, “Heroes” is totally overrated, especially in the odds…

        1. Well, everybody has an own opinion. I don’t think we’re overrated, Russia for example I think. But like I said, every soul in this world has an own opinion. I’m however glad we’re in top 3. 🙂

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