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Albania: Andri Xhahu To Announce The Vote

Andri Will Announce The Results From Albania

Andri Xhahu is set to return for a fourth year to announce the results of the Albanian vote in the final of Eurovision 2015.

Andri Xhahu has commentated on the contest for RTSH since 2012 and has been also announcing the results every year since 2012. Andri is well known on RTSH for also being the Albanian commentator for the San Remo Music Festival, a role he has held since 2013.

Andri told IM Albania that:

I feel lucky that the RTSH executives believe me me this year Eurovision transmission to commentate it to all Albanians and Albanian voters voice for best song of the Eurovision Song Contest. This is my fourth year of gloss screen television and the 11th year that RTSH will broadcast the contest.

Source: Info Media Albania

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