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France: Stéphane Bern “Would’ve Crawled” To Do Eurovision

Stéphane Bern Will Commentate On The Final

Stéphane Bern who will be commentating at this years Eurovision Song Contest for France has said he would have crawled to do it.

In an interview to TV Buzz he said that:

I would have crawled to do !, admits the facilitator. I love Marianne James! She made ​​a show I loved – Prodigies – and Nathalie Andre wanted to meet. […] It is a complete artist. She is generous, she knows everyone. I’ll try to talk about the country, speak the language and knows the music. It’s been a fairly consistent team. […] And I’m a fan of Eurovision and this year with Lisa Angell, France has a song that is a gem! There is every chance. […] The whole of Europe will have chills listening to the voice of Lisa Angell,

Stéphane Bern is commentating in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on France 2 alongside Marianne James. The semi finals will be shown on France Ô and commentated on by Mareva Galanter and Jérémy Parayre.

Source: Le Figaro

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