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Canada: OUTtv To Broadcast Eurovision 2015

Eurovision Is On Canadian Screens Again
Eurovision Is On Canadian Screens Again

OUTtv has confirmed to that the Eurovision Song Contest will once again be coming to Canadian television screens.

OUTtv brought Eurovision back to the Canadian audience last year after a number of years without a television broadcast. OUTtv in a Press Release to said that:

Canadian network OUTtv announced today that they will broadcast Eurovision for a second year. While Eurovision was new to many Canadians last year, viewers warmly embraced the event. And following Conchita Wurst’s spectacular win at Eurovision 2014, interest in the competition has risen even higher among LGBT Canadians. OUTtv is proud to share this highly anticipated cultural event with viewers.

While the dates of the broadcast have yet to be confirmed the commentary team for this years show has been announced. Tommy D and Adam (Homorazzi, Don’t Quit Your Gay Job) will provide commentary on both of the semi finals and the final.

Source: OUTtv

1 thought on “Canada: OUTtv To Broadcast Eurovision 2015”

  1. This broadcast is missnamed. It should be “Inane pratter interupting Eurovision” I really so wish I coul hear the song that is in the contest rather than the mindless blather produced by the “hosts”.

    In fairness one of the hosts does seems to have a brain that is working.

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