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Denmark: Jørgen Ingmann Has Died Aged 89

Jørgen & Grethe At Eurovision 1963

Jørgen Ingmann who won the Eurovision Song Contest 1963 with his wife Grethe, has passed away at the age of 89.

Jørgen and his wife Grethe won the contest for Denmark for the first time with the song “Dansevise”, they made Eurovision history by being the first duet to win the contest. Jørgen had not been seen in public since the late 1980s when he had retired from the music industry.

His daughter Marie told the Danish broadcaster DR that;

He was healthy until the end and had the insanely good and had been 90 next month. It was his heart that just stopped. He died peacefully. He sat over his computer when it happened.

You can watch the winning performance of “Dansevise” below:

Source: DR

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