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3 thoughts on “ARSF’15: Festival Logo Revealed”

  1. Beautiful logo. I think it looks better than the last year’s logo.
    I wonder which will be the venue.
    I suposse that the show will take place in the Yangon National Theatre, which seems to have about 1000 seats.
    Another alternative, is the Myanmar Convention Centre which is much bigger than the previous one.
    The Myanmar Event Park could also be a beautiful venue. Many important events have taken place there. The place is big, but it would be suitable only if the festival turned into a competition.

  2. I would like to think that Myanmar is going to organise a perfect show, but when I see the news reports of MRTV and their poor image quality I get a bit worried.
    Anyway, Myanmar hosted the SEA Games two years ago and the opening ceremony was astonishingly beautiful. If Myanmar could organise that event properly, it will also do it well with this song festival.

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