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The MakeMakes Have Won

The final of Wer singt für Österreich has just finished and The MakeMakes have been selected by Austria to represent them on home soil in Vienna. They will be singing “I Am Yours” in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

A total of six artists took part in the final tonight they were:

  1. Folkshlife – Who Are You – 14 points – 4th
  2. Zoe – Quel Filou – 18 points – 3rd
  3. DAWA – Feel Alive – 18 points – 2nd
  4. Celia Ann – Utopia – 10 points – 6th
  5. Johaan Sebastian Bass – Absolutio – 12 points – 5th
  6. The Makemakes – I Am Yours – 24 points – 1st

The two super finalists were selected after a 50% televote and a 50% international jury vote. The international juries were from; Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

In the super final the Austrian public had a 100% say in the results. In the super final were:

  • Dawa – Feel Alive
  • The Makemakes – I Am Yours

Watch the winning song below:

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