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Armenia: “Don’t Deny” Released

"Don't Deny" Is Presented
“Don’t Deny” Is Presented

Armenia has this evening released “Don’t Deny” the song that will represent them at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna, Austria.

“Don’t Deny” is performed by the group Genealogy who were brought together to mark 100 years since the Armenian Genocide. The band is made up of six members from across the world who all have Armenian heritage they are; Tamar Kaprelian (America), Stephanie Topalian (Asia), Vahe Tilbian (Africa) Essaï Altounian (Europe), Mary-Jean O’Doherty Vasmatzian (Australia) and Inga Arshakyan (Armenia). The logo of the band is the symbol being used in Armenia to commemorate 100 years since the Genocide.

The song is composed by Armen Martirosyan who also wrote Armenia’s 2010 Eurovision entry “Apricot Stone”, while the lyrics are written by Inna Mkrtchyan.

Watch the music video below:

4 thoughts on “Armenia: “Don’t Deny” Released”

    1. I wanted Sirusho to be the 6th member. And I wanted a good song too. But it’s very bad. Sorry Armenia.

  1. okay, so they chose top singers from around the world then gave this an awful song to sing. Awful Armenia

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