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Eurovision History Is Made Today
Eurovision History Is Made Today

Today will see history made as Australia announces their participant for Eurovision 2015, while Greece will be holding their national final for Vienna.

Australia – Song Reveal – 23:30 CET:

Who Will Australia Send?
Who Will Australia Send?

While the reveal takes place on March 5th in Australia, for most of Europe the reveal will take place on March 4th. SBS will announce their participant for the contest in Vienna at the Sydney Opera house at 9:30 local time which is 23:30 CET.

SBS and Blink TV have worked together to select their song internally. There had been hopes for Australia to hold a selection for the contest, however due to the short time scale this did not occur.

The reveal is taking place on SBS One at 9:30 local time, the show will last one hour and be hosted by Jeanette Francis and Marc Fennell.

Greece – Eurosong 2015 – NERIT & MAD Show (60 years of music) – 20:00 CET

Show Starts 21:00 CET

Tonight Greece will select the artist that will represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The show tonight is run by NERIT and MAD TV, the show itself is called “Eurosong 2015 – NERIT & MAD Show (60 years of music)”.

A total of five artists in competing in the show tonight they are:

  1. C:Real – Crash and Burn
  2. Thomai Apergi & Legend – Jazz and Sirtaki
  3. Barrice – Ela
  4. Shaya – Sunshine
  5. Maria-Eleni Kyriakou – One Last Breath

The winner of the show will be decided 50% televote and 50% jury.

The final kicks off at 20:00 CET, watch live here.

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