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Greece: Maria-Elena Kyriakou Is Off To Vienna

Maria Has Won

Eurosong 2015 – NERIT & MAD Show (60 years of music) has just finished in Greece and Maria-Eleni Kyriakou will be representing Greece in Vienna. They will be singing “One Last Breath” on the stage at the 60th Eurovision Song Contest.

The show tonight featured performances from past Greek Eurovision participants including Helena Paparizou, Freaky Fortune & RiskyKidd

In the final were:

  • C:Real – Crash and Burn
  • Thomai Apergi & Legend – Jazz and Sirtaki
  • Barrice – Ela
  • Shaya – Sunshine
  • Maria-Elena Kyriakou – One Last Breath – Winner

The winner was chosen by 50% televote and 50% jury vote.

Watch the winning song below:

4 thoughts on “Greece: Maria-Elena Kyriakou Is Off To Vienna”

  1. The first i heard it i found it boring,the second,i thought that it deserves a more careful hearing and the third time i loved it.Originality is not its strong asset but nevertheless it’s a song that you enjoy listening to.One televote from me…

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