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X to Vienna!
Maraaya to Vienna!

Tonight, Slovenia also decided their entry for Vienna through their national selection format of EMA 2015. A total of 8 acts battled it out for the ticket to Vienna. From these eight, two proceeded to the super final and these were decided by the jury. These artists were (super finalists in bold):

  1. Alya and Neno Belan – Misunderstandings
  2. Tim Kores – Once too many times
  3. Jana Šušteršič – Glas Srca
  4. I.C.E. – Vse mogoče
  5. Clemens – Mava to
  6. Maraaya – Here for you
  7. Rudi Bučar En Figoni – Šaltinka
  8. Martina Majerle – Alive

In the super final, the winner of EMA was decided solely by televote. The results of this were:

  1. Maraaya – Here for you (7,311 votes)
  2. Rudi Bučar En Figoni – Šaltinka (5,449 votes)

As a result, Maraaya won the tele vote and will therefore represent Slovenia in May.

Slovenia will perform in the second half of the second semi final on Thursday 21st May.

You can listen/watch to the winning song below:

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