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No Decision Taken Yet
No Decision Taken Yet

Ukraine’s national broadcaster NTU has informed that they are yet to make a decision on participating in both Junior Eurovision and Eurovision Young Dancers.

NTU have said that:

Ukraine is on the way of creating PSB (Public service broadcasting). Therefore, we are concentrated on this issue. As you know Ukraine is not participating in ESC due to difficult political and financial situation. Concerning EYD and JESC we still do not have the final decision whether Ukraine will participate or not.

Ukraine debuted in Junior Eurovision in 2006 and won the contest in 2012, the nation also hosted the contest in Kyiv in 2009 and 2013. They also debuted in Eurovision Young Dancers in 2003, which they jointly won with the Czech Republic and Sweden, they however did not participate in the 2005 or 2011 contest and only returned to the contest in 2013.

Source: NTU

5 thoughts on “Ukraine: Undecided On JESC & EYD”

  1. Ukraine should try taking part in Junior Eurovision again. Hopefully, they’ll pick someone that’s WAY better than Sympho-Nick.

  2. I really, really hope that Ukraine will be able to solve all its problems concerning its TV, so that it can stay in JESC and EYD and return to ESC and EYM. Ukraine is the best country in all these events.

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