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Hungary in Turkmenistan?
Hungary in Turkmenistan?

Last week we brought you the news that Kalmykia in Russia could be participating in Turkvizyon 2015. It has also emerged that Hungary is another potential debuting nation for the contest that is taking place in Merv, Turkmenistan.

Hungary was one of sixteen countries and regions to participate in the opening ceremony of Merv’s year as the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World. The 2014 contest which was held in Kazan, Tatarstan saw a total of three European countries debut in the contest, bringing the overall number of European regions and countries to fourteen.

Hungary has also participated in the Türkçevizyon festival which is run by TRT the Turkish national broadcaster. Türkçevizyon has been held every year since 2009 promotes Turkish culture in a non-competitive environment.

So far a total of four countries have confirmed their participation in the contest.

Source: Turksoy

12 thoughts on “Hungary: To Debut At Turkvizyon 2015?”

  1. I’m totally sure that the Hungararian national broadcaster, the MTVA will not debut at Turkvizyon. I think this is a big misunderstanding. (PS: I’m from Hungary and work in media.)

    1. It’s very unlikely to be MTVA, it’ll be a smaller secondary channel like we’ve seen with Germany, it won’t be a massive national broadcaster.

    1. Only because Hungary was part of the ottoman empire. I bet they will now go for Austria and Vienna. The city was attacked 2 times but the ottomans were not able to conquer it.

  2. Hungary, as a uralic nation, has many historical connections and therefore cultural similarities to turkic (or altaic in general) nations. Hungary even participates in the Türkçevizyon contest, like Austria, Montenegro or Xinjiang. It’s not impossible to see them at Türkvizyon IMO.

  3. Hungary makes Kurultaj for Ural-Altay nations and Turks and Hungarians are grandsons of Attila. If TURKSOY sends an invatation probably they will make debut 🙂

  4. This is just speculations and bad journalism. Greger should wait writing about stuff untill it is comfirmed. He probably get payed per article he writes, and need to figure something out between the contests. I am about to lose trust in this site, speculationg in things just because of this and that.

    1. I am in no way being paid to write these articles, I would in no way accept money for articles and do not see why anyone would want to pay me to write an article on the contest. It is logical to make an association between a certain country or region taking part in an event as part of that places term as the Cutural Capital of the Turkic World, if it is also to play host to Turkvizyon that year. Furthermore the contest is strongly linked in with TURKSOY who decide the Cultural Capital each year, hence why the venues for the contest so far have all been in the Cultural Capital for that year.

      As others have also commented, Hungary has also been present in other Turkish events and festivals including the TRT run Turkcevizyon, so there is a precedent already for this country to be participating in Turkic events.

      1. Well, then I am sorry. You do a good job, and I should not critizise you. I just have to point out that Eurovoix was the most trustworthy source for information about the competition for me, but when I see more and more is purely based on what I would say is speculations, I am afraid I don’t know how trustworthy it will to me if it’s all gonna end up in speculations. It’s so hard finding facts about this, and it’s so much confusing/diversing stuff written about the contest.

        And also: Turkcevizyon is a completely different consept than Turkvision. Even USA did perform in Turkcevizyon. I do not doubt that Hungary, or even USA or France or Australia, could wanna participate in Turkvision (who was not surprised when Germany debutet last year?), but as long as something is not confirmed in some way, it’s only speculations… 🙂

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