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Genealogy to represent Armenia in Vienna
Genealogy to represent Armenia in Vienna

Today, it has been confirmed by the Armenian broadcaster, AMPTV that the group Genealogy will represent the Caucasus nation in Vienna in May.

AMPTV have opted for an internal selection this year, just like last year where Aram MP3 was chosen with the song ‘Not Alone’ and who placed 4th in the grand final.

The premise behind Genealogy is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, and as such AMPTV invited artists from the Armenian diaspora in America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia to take part in the group.

The song that they will perform in Vienna is entitled ‘Don’t Deny’ and will be released at a later date.

Armenia will participate in the first semi-final on Tuesday 19th May, and have been drawn to participate in the first half of that semi-final.

2 thoughts on “Genealogy to represent Armenia in Vienna!”

  1. I think Genealogy should look like this:
    *America (Petal 1) – Tamar Karpelian
    *Europe (Petal 2) – Hélène Ségara
    *Africa (Petal 3) – Vahe Tilbian
    *Asia (Petal 4) – Stephanie Topalian
    *Australia (Petal 5) – Jessica Mauboy
    *Armenia (Center of the flower) – Monica Avanesyan

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