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Band Now Banned
Band Now Banned

Barish Grubu who represented Iran at Turkvizyon 2014 have reportedly been banned from performing by the Iranian authorities.

Barish Grubu who performed in Kazan under the Iranian flag are actually a band from South Azerbaijan a region in Iran that is pushing for great autonomy. The band broke Iranian law by promoting pan-Turkism as a result of participating in the contest.

It seems unlikely that any future participation of Iran in Turkvizyon will be permitted by Iranian authorities.

Source: Iran Briefing

8 thoughts on “Iran: Barish Grubu Performances Banned”

  1. wikipedia says that the iranian state broadcaster was responsible for the partcipation, so why do they punish the band? the tv station should be aware of these (stupid, racist) laws!

    so I don’t quite understand this shit, Iran was well represented. so when they’re against pan-turkism, they probably should release south azerbaijan into independence…

    1. IRIB was more than likely not the broadcaster involved in participating in the contest as there are a number of TV stations listed on the Turkvizyon pages of wikipedia that are wrong.

      1. Most sources used in Wikipedia are Eurovoix. When it comes to this contest, it’s more or less impossible to know what sources to trust and what not to trust. TURKSOY gives one answer to broadcasters, Eurovoix gives another. Turkish Wikipedia gives one, and English WP gives another.

        I do the job writing the Norwegian WP-articles, and it’s one big mess finding somewhat trustful information about this contest. For example: All official sources state 300 000 000 viewers of the contest. Impossible. I’ve seen examples of songs even Turkvizyon say has been performed, but they was not. Information about performance-language, composers etc are not trustful. How is it even possible to arrange such a big contest like this? It seems like nothing is organized, and noone really know what is gonna happen the day the contest is gonna be broadcasted.

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