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14 of 16 song titles are now known
14 of 16 song titles are now known

German broadcaster NDR has published the song titles for seven of the eight finalists of “Unser Song für Österreich” at its official ESC website this afternoon. 14 of the 16 songtitles are now available while the final two will be delivered by the winner of the wildcard round on 19th February. Here they are:


  • “Frozen Silence”
  • “Mother Earth”


  • “Hörst du die Trommeln?” (Do you hear the drums?)
  • “Abschied” (Farewell)

Alexa Feser:

  • “Glück” (Luck)
  • “Das Gold von morgen” (The gold of tomorrow)


  • “Frozen Silence”
  • “Mother Earth”

Mrs. Greenbird:

  • Shine, Shine, Shine”
  • “Take My Hand”

Andreas Kümmert:

  • “Home Is In My Hands”
  • “Heart Of Stone”


  • “Zeig deine Muskeln” (Show your muscles)
  • “Wechselt die Beleuchtung” (Change the lighting)

Noize Generation:

  • “Song For You”
  • “Crazy Now”

The German final will take place in Hanover on March 5th. The show will be opened by Conchita Wurst and Mark Forster will do the interval act.


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