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We're Off To Bulgaria
We’re Off To Bulgaria

Bulgaria have been announced as the host country for Junior Eurovision 2015. The country which only returned to Junior Eurovision last year will now hold their first ever Eurovision event.

BNT met with EBU officials today to discuss the future of the Bulgarian national broadcaster and also to confirm the hosting of the 2015 contest. The Head of BNT, Vyara Ankova said this evening that

The most important topic standing before BNT is precisely the organization of children’s Eurovision and I am glad that we got great support in this regard. Hence, today I can say that Bulgaria and national television will be the host of this prestigious event.

Bulgaria has been selected as the host country after Italy withdrew from hosting after being unable to secure funding. It is assumed that the bid that Bulgaria won over to host this years contest was last years host country Malta.

Source: BNT

9 thoughts on “Bulgaria: To Host Junior Eurovision 2015”

  1. Yay! Now, all we need is for the following to happen…

    1) Veronica Rotin to represent Malta.

    2) Italy to continue taking, even if they ain’t hosting.

    3) The chosen venue (perhaps in Sofia) to have a minimum capacity of 5,000.

    4) The EBU to raise the maximum number of participating nations from 18 to 20.

    5) No more goddamn “mini-intervals” inbetween songs. Wait until all the songs have been performed.

    1. You forgot the most important things:

      1) Ireland confirms debut
      2) Hungary confirms debut (it’s maybe only for me important)
      3) Spain confirms returning
      4) Romania confirms returning

      And the venue could be the “Arena Armeec” with a capacity of 15 000 people.

  2. I hope Bulgaria hosting will encourage its direct neighbours Romania, Macedonia and Greece to return to the contest!

  3. Greece, F.Y.R Macedonia and Romania will get encouraged to return now. But why they host JESC while they cannot even afford ESC participation????? Hmmmmm

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