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Heidi Pakarinen
Heidi Pakarinen

Here’s an interview with the really delightful Heidi Pakarinen, who is one of the Finnish hopefuls in this year’s UMK national selection.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into becoming a musician?

Actually, I made my first public performance at the age of 3, I sang one song at the Mothersday’s party.

At the age of 13 I found Finnish tango and schlagermusic and then I get a Dream; I want to be a TangoQueen some day! And I can tell You, that I have been in love for Tango’s after that.

We have a Finnish Summer-Festival called Seinäjoen Tangomarkkinat, and there is also a song-competition for men (the winner is TangoKing) and for women (the winner is TangoQueen).

I have been singing through all my life, and at the year 2013 I finally got my Dream come true; I won the TangoQueen competition!

After that I have been making gigs all over Finland, we play and sing traditional dance music, schlagers, such like tango, waltz, Foxtrot, cha-cha and Finnish humppa! Ü

How long have you been performing for?

The first performance was at the age 3, but active gigs I have been working for 3-4- years.

Where do you draw inspiration from in your music?

Life, feelings, love, people. I love to meet people, they make me powerful like as music makes me also powerful.

I love my life and I’m very satisfied about it. I want to share all the Good things, because I think, that “Good grows”.

What is your song ‘Bon Voyage’ all about? From the beat of it, it sounds like a really upbeat and happy song!

“Bon voyage” tells about love. It’s a strong and maybe a bit sad song, the woman in this love story wants her love to go, because there is no future for them.

Love is the biggest force in the world and that’s why the woman is also strong, when she make a wish to her love; Bon voyage, all the best for You. <3

What can we expect in terms of how you will present it on stage at UMK?

It’s a secret still!!! Ü But I can tell You, that there is, in a strong and visual way some influence of Finnish schlager-dance style! And it’s going to be glamorous and beautiful show!

What are your favourite acts and entries in the Eurovision Song Contest?

One of my top favourites is Kirka and song “Hengaillaan” at the year 1984. Kirka was my big Idol since I was very little girl <3
I have also loved the song “Sata salamaa” by Vicky Rosti (1987) and “Fantasiaa” by Ami Aspelund (1983). At the same year 1983 there was fabulous Carola Häggvist from Sweden with her song Främling. Last year 2014 I was very impressed about Conchita.
What does it mean to you to be representing Finland? 

Finland means to me very much, I am very happy here. We have a very beautiful country, the nature is so beautiful, we have fresh air and extremely fascinating seasons (including snow and freeze in wintertime..) The summertime is also beautiful and full of energy (sun <3 )

I’m very proud to be Finnish <3 And our flag is so beautiful; pure white and blue <3

 …and ultimately, winning UMK and representing Finland at Eurovision in May?

To represent Finland in Eurovision Song Contest, it is such a GREAT and unexplained experience. I want to make it come true! It’s a very big party every year, which I’ve been watching since I was little girl. Now I am very close to take part of it on the big party stage!!!!!

And you maybe wondering if Heidi is related to Hanna Pakarinen who sang ‘Leave me alone’ also for Finland in 2007. Well she certainly is! They’re cousins! You can re-watch her performance here:

You can follow Heidi on Twitter by clicking here

And we wish Heidi all the very best and good luck for UMK this year! She will appear in the 3rd UMK semi-final on Saturday 21st February.


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