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Could We Be Of To Sofia
Could We Be Of To Sofia

BNT of Bulgaria has confirmed that they are one of the two countries that is hoping to host Junior Eurovision 2015. Details of the bid have not been announced, but it has been known since November that Bulgaria has been pushing strongly to host the contest in the event that Italy could not.

The Head of BNT, Vyara Ankova said this evening that:

This is a unique chance for BNT and Bulgaria – we host one of the most prestigious music competitions in Europe. Chris Hassan and Ibrahim proved that when we are united, success is possible.

The other bidding country is thought to be Malta who hosted the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.


2 thoughts on “Bulgaria: JESC 2015 Bid Confirmed”

  1. I have an idea for if Bulgaria hosts the contest:

    HOST CITY: Sofia

    VENUE: Festivalna (has a capacity of 9,000 for concerts)

    DATE: December 5, 2015

    HOSTS: Poli Genova, Sofi Marinova, & Stoyan Yankoulov

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