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Turkvision Participation Confirmed
Turkvision Participation Confirmed

Turkshow the broadcaster that took Germany to their first Turkvizyon Song Contest has confirmed they will be taking part in the 2015 contest in Turkmenistan. The Head of the German delegation Ms Hatice Balaban said that:

Germany will be participating in next years Turkvizyon in Turkmenistan.

Germany was one of six countries to debut at the 2014 Turkvizyon Song Contest. Germany performed second in the semi final with the band Fahrettin Güneş singing “Sevdiğim”, they finished the night 21st out of 25 countries with a total of 149 points.  You can see their performance below:

Source: Björn Säuberlich

1 thought on “Germany: Turkvizyon 2015 Participation Confirmed”

  1. Sorry, but this is not more than a fake. It was a Turkish broadcaster, located in Germany, sending a song to this contest. But it is by far over the top to say, that Germany is participating in this contest. If this broadcaster wants to take part in the show, no problem at all. But they should mark it in an other way. The song itself was a style, which would not work in Germany anyway.

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