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Vincenzo Winning Was One Of Your Many Highlights
Vincenzo Winning Was One Of Your Many Highlights

From Eurovision to Turkvision it’s been an amazing year in terms of song quality, results and the show themselves. So on this, the last day of 2014, it’s time to bring you the highlights of our readers. We asked them to do one simple thing which was:

Tweet us your favourite moments of 2014 from , or

The first big event of the year was the 59th Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen and boy what an event it was. A spectacular show, amazing stage and a truly brilliant winner, here is what our readers had to say:

@salvemelmon – The moment when Spain got 12 pts from Albania

@EurovisionEmily – Both Montenegro and San Marino qualifying for the final in Eurovision

@joanapulcas – Switzerland qualifying to the final <3 <3

@LoreenatorDK – You know mine was Montenegro’s qualification 😀

@TimWalksAlong – the Netherlands receiving their best ever result (if you look at the points then :P)

@DanyalWho – San Marino qualifying

@fandomfrankie – Montenegro making it to the final!

@Sandruschkaa – Polands return and qualify

@dezbee2008 – Poland qualifying (my big favourite), Montenegro and San Marino qualifying, and Conchita

@Maikeel – The Common Linnets coming 2nd! <3

@derejulien – the 2nd place of the Netherlands in #eurovision, what a wonderful song

Later in the year we headed of the the wonderful island nation of Malta for what turned out to be quite possibly the best Junior Eurovision ever, and our readers agreed:

@derejulien – and the victory of Italy at JESC

@dezbee2008 – Bulgaria getting second on JESC

@Chiara_ESC – Italy winning JESC

@EurovisionEmily – Italy winning JESC on their debut

As you all know it is just Eurovision that we cover, but also the Turkvizyon/Turkvision Song Contest, this year saw the show come live from Kazan, Tatarstan. We have been overwhelmed by the response that we got on the website to the contest this year, here are just a few of the tweets we got related to the contest:

@DennshR – Kazakhstan’s Victory, nothing was better

@Chiara_ESC – Kazakhstan winning Turkvizyon

So from all of us a massive thank you and a Happy New Year!

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