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Altai Never Received An Invitation
Altai Never Received An Invitation

RA Gorny Altai-Media the national broadcaster of the Altai Republic in Russia has confirmed to us that they did not participate in Turkvizyon 2014 due to not receiving an invitation. It has emerged through talking to a number of participants that Turkvizyon operates on an invitation basis, where countries must receive an invitation from the organisers to participate, instead of countries applying to take part.

Furthermore we understand that Albania’s participant Xhoi was personally invited to take part in the contest without an Albanian TV network being lined up to broadcast the contest. The same personal invite is thought to have been given to the participants from Bulgaria, Moscow and Iran.

The broadcaster of the Altai Republic has said however that they would wish to participate in the 2015 contest in Turkmenistan.

Source: STRC Altai Mountains

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