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Can Aydar Win For Tatarstan?
Can Aydar Win For Tatarstan?

If you are new to Turkvizyon or watched it last year here is an explanation of how the voting works in the contest. Unlike Eurovision, Turkvizyon is currently a 100% jury vote. Each of the 25 competing nations and regions are represented by one juror, this juror is a music professional, singer or television executive, they are supposed to have the ability to judge the songs standards.

The judges will evaluate the songs on a 10 point system, this means that the best possible score for a song this year is 240 points.

Note that:

  • Jurors are able to award the same points eg 8 to more than one song
  • Countries that did not qualify for the final can still vote in the final
  • Countries are not allowed to vote for themselves

To ensure that fraudulent voting cannot occur each juror is given an iPad, this iPad is individual to that country, the juror must complete their scoring of each countries performance before the next one takes to the stage, they are not able to go back afterward to change their vote.

The scores are then calculated by adding all of the jury members scores together, this begins to occur around Song 20, this is to ensure that the results are announced shortly after the performances have taken place, and that any errors or suspicious voting can be looked at.

The known jury members so far are:

  • Albania – Avni Qahili (Composer)
  • Azerbaijan – Eldar (Eurovision 2011 winner)
  • Tatarstan – Dina Garipova (Eurovision 2013 participant)
  • Turkey – Sinan Akçıl (Writer of “Dum Tek Tek (Turkey Eurovision 2009) and “Hoppa” this years Turkish entry)

Televoting is planned to be introduced for next years contest, the organisers want to look in detail as to how this can be carried out.

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