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Vladena Reveals Details Of The Staging

Yakutia’s participant in tonight’s Turkvizyon semi final is “Very nervous before the performance”. Vladlena Ivanova was selected internally by the Yakutsk broadcaster to take part in this years contest in Kazan, Tatarstan. Vladena who is also known as Sakhaya (Сахая) is one of Yakutia’s most well known singers.

She told more about her plans for her performance tonight:

I’m very excited, I have 14th in the running order, middle, it’s the place I wanted: at the beginning it is difficult sometimes, but in the end you get tired. My song is about the sun, because the Turkish people for this a great symbol.The dancers I involved are students from Yakutia. Four guys who will initially be in the form of wolves, and then turn into horses. The song itself is such a rock, blues, and at the same time ethnic.

The name of Vladena’s song is not known.


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