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Find Out More From The Producer
Find Out More From The Producer

Lina Arifulina the Producer of this years Turkvizyon Song Contest has revealed all in an interview with Tatar-Inform. The interview can be watched in full at the end of the article, the English translation of the highlights of the interview can be found below courtesy of Tatar-Inform.

Let us first of all explain to our viewers, “Tyurkvidenie” is a competitor of “Eurovision”, addition to, or something completely different?

LA .: I want first of all to clarify: “Tyurkvidenie” – this is not a festival, it’s a song TV contest. This competition for the simple reason that the festival does not mean the jury. Therefore, the most important thing – to determine which is the best in 2014. Turkic musical song, which hit musical movement represents Turkic musical culture. I am pleased that we have been compared to “Eurovision”, but I think such big competitions like the “Eurovision” unavailable. At this time in the “Tyurkvidenii” involved 24 countries and regions, all participants come to Kazan. We have a 24-member jury from each country or region, which will be put to vote and for the evaluation of participants, while for their own country will not be able to vote. According to the scale, as spectacular as it is still possible to compare with the “Eurovision”. But we have the details associated with the cultural characteristics. Since TURKSOI chose the capital of Turkic culture Kazan in 2014, the show will be a lot of elements and nuances associated with Tatar musical culture.

On the principles of voting, we still need to talk about is extremely interesting. Still, let’s finish with the theme of “Eurovision”. After the song, the music, she knows no borders, and if it is good, it does not matter in what language it is, it can all love.

LA .: Absolutely correct. The thing is that there are important musical material, which is organized by our competition. We have all the modern musical styles, ranging from hip-hop, we have a group of modern Iran, which acts with elements of rock. And when we hear the French music, we also understand that this language is French, but the music is modern, the same thing – when we listen to Tarkan. It is important that the Turkic people’s, representatives of the Turkic regions and countries to understand how they develop musically, so we all participants contemporary musical material. This is very important.

Then one more clarification. Would it not be advisable in the future “Tyurkvidenie” and “Eurovision” regarded as some intersecting at certain stages of the competition? Perhaps some interaction would be a good future. Assume winner “Tyurkvideniya” without competition will be presented at the “Eurovision”? Or not yet considered these options?

LA .: You know, we were just two years. We carry only the second time this contest. “Eurovision” – this is our elder brother with a great experience. Of course, we differ from them, given that the winner – the country where the competition will take place next year – is determined not by voting, but by definition an international organization TURKSOI. And so on November 21, we know where it will take place the following “Tyurkvidenie.” I repeat, I am pleased that we have been compared to “Eurovision” because it’s really nice format, already proven, modern, technologically, is a brand that is strong, powerful, the music industry. But we are only two years, and we also want to become independent, popular and interesting. I think that we will succeed.

Among the numerous accusations that sound to the “Eurovision” (actually a fun contest it all the time waiting for a long time then scolded, and then wait again), there is some misunderstanding on the part of the modern viewer. What is it all the same – it’s a song contest, singing, or some integrated platform, where, both compete?

LA .: And “Tyurvkidenie” and “Eurovision” – a song contest. Because today is important musical material, the important thing is how to develop modern popular music. The question simply is that in “Eurovision” is now a large place given the numbers show, presentation, so little for the viewer change of orientation – it seems that this idea of ​​artists. Artists is very difficult to estimate, for this to be a professional jury, there must be precise criteria: vocals, understanding songs etc. This is quite subjective sensations. And evaluate song – its sound, text, attitude to the entire music industry – is more accurately done. Another thing, of course, important actor, as he performs this song.The song can be chic, it can be a real hit, but internally artist was unprepared for the performance is not very good and it has performed … This is the second aspect: the actor, the performance, the room as he spoke to submit themselves to the public. But first of all the song is evaluated. I think it is absolutely right, because today in music competitions should be judged primarily song.

Now, about the contest. The most burning question for many centuries, and the judges who?You have already said that they would 24 members of the jury, representing those countries and regions that will fight for the victory. Who are these people, how they were selected, who chairman of the jury?

LA No .: chairman of the jury. All are absolutely equal. Each member of the jury – a figure of art, show business, musician. Assume that Russia will be represented in the jury CEO “Muz-TV” Arman Davletyarov and of Tatarstan – singer Dina Garipova. Others – musicians, folk artists, famous people who are known in their homeland. They will evaluate on a 10-point system.

As this assessment will take place – as soon as perform a song or later, when the aggregate of all listen?

LA .: You know, right after – no intrigue. For the simple reason that somewhere in the 18th, 20th party starts on the calculator to count how many are all the same points and what are his chances of getting into the finals. So will intrigue. In the finale, when the protrusion 24 participants, the screen we will see how each member voted for each member of the jury. Therefore, to evaluate the work of the jury will be able to every spectator – it’s completely honest story.

Do you plan to inclusion of the audience in the voting process?

LA .: This year is no. But we want to do it next year. This year was a little more complicated situation, you need a certain mobile operator, etc. It needs more time for preparation. But next year we will try to be.

Your opinion at all about these SMS-voting, because it is also the subject of controversy always say that every vote for himself and for his brother. Objectivity somehow immediately smeared. The members of the jury can not overcome this problem?

LA .: So there is the concept of 50 to 50: the music, the professional jury and the national jury. It’s always a beautiful story. Businesses respectively evaluated song from the viewpoint of profession, and on the other hand, viewers matter how song they will close and need. The balance of the jury and the audience is very important – if there is honesty.

In the “Eurovision” is only one winner, second place does not exist. How many winners will be on “Tyurkvidenii”?

LA .: There is only one winner, it’s still a musical, professional competition, and the winner should be the one here. For the participants of the contest is very important, because they have passed the qualifying rounds, then they have a period of preparation rooms, creating an image, song arrangement, arrival. They must pass the semifinals, finals … Of course, it is important who is better. In addition, for a young artist is always important competitive history, it provides an incentive and a tremendous experience. This is a music university for many participants.

What will the winner, except for monetary compensation? That song sounded, everyone liked it, it praised, then what? The song has gone into oblivion?

LA .: No, if you choose a good song, it will remain in the heart, it will always remain in the music charts, channels.Plus everything else relevance and newsworthy. If you’re a winner “Tyurkvideniya” I think this is a huge bonus. A large number of music channels, even in our project already recorded 38 channels which are broadcast live on their channels and with the  popularization of this music and their own hit the winner is obvious. This is already a good promo.

By the way, the competition – it is more for the young or it universal? You can see who is potentially among the participants at all in the course of its development? And if he can attract more adult audience, or will all the time imprisoned on the young?

LA .: Well, the young and middle age. Because I think that people are accustomed to listening to oriental our old bandstand. And so for them there are some things they are very alternative. But the family sitting at the screen and the screen when watching your grandchildren and sits grandmother that hip hop is not perceived, but there is the text and the language, I think it would be nice that the youth is still moving forward. We need new names, new hits, new heroes, and support a new culture – this is very important. We can not keep up. We’ve learned that the eastern concert – its ethnic music, ethnic costume, folk instruments. But we want to explain and prove that East itself has very modern. Here’s the competition, I think slowly will reveal opportunities east and show that we can also compete with European music. We have a good sound, we have a good text. Eastern culture imposes a large imprint on the texts. If you look at the texts of our members, they are very interesting, they are with good imagery. If you look at the texts of the “Eurovision” and there a little dotted all – you came, the sun went down, we dropped etc. For example, there is a profound poetry, but modern rhythm, sound, it’s a good mix.Texts should always be good – it’s part of enlightenment. You can repeat the same one word ten times – and already the song. Here, no, here is rich, good story, shaped. This is also good, I like.

Watch the interview in full below:


Source: Tatar Inform

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