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An Irish Debut Looks Likely
An Irish Debut Looks Likely

TG4 have informed us that concrete plans regarding participation in Junior Eurovision 2015 will not be confirmed until the New Year, however that the broadcaster is “in principle, committed to taking part”. TG4 had attempted to take part in this years contest in Malta however failed to get the funding necessary from BAI to take part.

Ireland along with Hungary are looking very likely at debuting in next years contest.

Source: TG4

14 thoughts on “Ireland: 2015 JESC Participation Looks Hopeful”

  1. Yay! I just know TG4 can do it.. if they do I expect an Irish language entry as they are the Irish-language broadcaster, and I do suppose if they are in charge they’d encourage the kids to sing in Irish.
    But either is fine (as I can understand both!)
    If we do debut I’m gonna be so happy. No more laggy streams on the internet 😉

      1. Alright, but just be careful, because Ireland is most likely to come in last place if they song in Irish Gaelic.

  2. I have another idea for Ireland’s debut. If Ireland does a national final, then they could get an idea from the Netherlands’ selection progress, Junior Songfestival 🙂

  3. According to Wiwibloggs, TG4 and Adare Productions are working together on this project and are currently in advanced discussions with the EBU. I assume TG4 will be using a national final.

    As for the language, I really hope TG4 grasp the opportunity to sing in English. As singing in a well known language (EG: English, Italian, French ETC.) stands to contestants in JESC. With the right song, Ireland could win JESC and it could be Dublin 2016 in the RDS Simmonscourt.

    1. Noway, TG4 should NOT enter if they are planning on singing in just English, it should be in Irish or at the very least bilingual, I’m certain they wouldn’t enter an 100% English language song, thankfully.

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