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Tuva & Northern Cyprus Are Nowhere To Be Seen
Tuva & Northern Cyprus Are Nowhere To Be Seen

The running order for this Wednesday’s Türkvizyon semi final has been announced. The draw took place this morning in Kazan,the order of the performances from each region/country was selected at random. The order is as follows:

  1. Kazakhstan
  2. Germany
  3. Turkmenistan
  4. Georgia
  5. Uzbekistan
  6. Albania
  7. Gagauzia
  8. Ukraine
  9. Iran
  10. Kabardino Balkaria & Kerachay Chekerssia
  11. Tatarstan
  12. Moscow
  13. Kyrgyzstan
  14. Yakutia
  15. Turkey
  16. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  17. Bashkortostan
  18. Bulgaria
  19. Iraq
  20. Crimea
  21. Azerbaijan
  22. Romania
  23. Macedonia
  24. Khakassia

Two countries which had both confirmed participation, Tuva and Northern Cyprus do not appear on the running order. We have contacted the Northern Cypriot participant for more details.

Source: Turkvizyon

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      1. It’s far easier to stick it on a regional channel in Moscow than to find a broadcaster who will broadcast it across Russia.

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