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JESC’14: A Look At The Results


The Best Junior Eurovision To Date
The Best Junior Eurovision To Date

It’s the day after the final of the 12th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, so it only seems right to take a look at the results. I’ll take a look at the performance on the night and what these countries feelings will be regarding their result. So let’s start with 16th place.

16th – Croatia – 13 points:

You have to feel sorry for Josie, yes she did have the poorest song in the contest this year but to score just 1 point if you factor out the EBU 12 points then it just doesn’t look good. Her performance last night means that she has become the worst scoring song in the history of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. “Game Over” was always going to be a song that people saw a pleasant but nothing really worth picking up the phone for. Yes Josie was disappointed but she has a great life ahead of her with all of her other talents. In the end though I would not be surprised if Croatia does decide that it’s not coming back to Junior Eurovision next year.

15th – San Marino – 21 points:

San Marino did improve dramatically from the recording of the studio version to the actual performance on the night. This performance just really needed more polishing, more work on the actual staging which in places just looked very messy. 8 points from Italy shows that language does really make a difference in how countries vote. San Marino remain committed to the contest having signed an agreement with a festival earlier in the year to act as their national selection for the Junior contest.

14th – Montenegro – 24 points:

Montenegro’s debut was anything but perfect from them and we know that the two girls were disappointed with how it worked out in the end. Montenegro was never going to challenge for the win but in the end their performance on the night made me smile and a they have enjoyed themselves in Malta. RTCG is one of the few broadcasters in Europe that is open to giving Eurovision a chance regardless of results, and knowing that this year the broadcasters costs were all covered by sponsors I hope we’ll be seeing Montenegro again in 2015.

13th – Sweden – 28 points:

Sweden will obviously not be very happy with their result, it’s their worst result since 2005 when Sweden finished in 15th place for the third year in a row. There wasn’t anything that really was that wrong with the performance but the issue here was the song itself, it never really stood out enough. Sweden always send something that it very teen to the contest which I applaud. SVT will remain committed to the contest regardless of what happened last night.

12th – Slovenia – 29 points:

In terms of an overall placing this is Slovenia’s best in a Eurovision Song Contest for the past 10 years and Ula loved her experience. Slovenia did send a song that was very mature, it went down very well with all of the fan votes, but on the night it just didn’t get the wide appeal of the televote that many feel it deserved. I’d be surprised to see Slovenia withdraw as they have the potential to do well in future editions with the focus of the contest moving more towards the 13-15 age bracket.

11th – Georgia – 54 points:

Wow Georgia outside of the top.5, this is the first time ever that Georgia has not scored anywhere higher than 7th in a Junior Eurovision Song Contest. In the end I did actually like the song, but it was a song that was always going to be someones 5th or 6th favourite song. I’m actually happy that Georgia sent something that didn’t feel incredibly kiddy this year. Georgia will stay in Junior Eurovision no matter.

10th – Serbia – 61 points:

Serbia should be happy with the result, they finished in the top.10 and it is a respectable placing for the country. The song and the performance worked well and it all looked very professional. Serbia proved that they can do a good Junior Eurovision song and they should be proud of that. Serbia should have a very bright future in the contest, I’d be surprised if we didn’t see them again in 2015.

9th – Cyprus – 69 points:

Well done Cyprus, this is their third best ever result in the contest and Sophia and her team should be incredibly proud. The song could have easily competed in the adult contest and got the same result in the final. Cyprus have found themselves and outstanding artist who has a very bright future ahead of herself. Furthermore the fact that one of Europe’s most financially limited broadcasters was able to take part and put on such a good song and performance proves that there is a future for the contest.

8th – Netherlands – 70 points:

12 points from Sweden shows something, that the Netherlands did send a good song to the contest that had teen appeal. Much like Cyprus the Netherlands have sent a song that works well at the contest and is aimed directly at the demographic the contest is looking at. This is the Netherlands joint 4th best result in the contest and they should be happy with that. We will be seeing the Netherlands next year wherever the contest is hosted.

7th – Belarus – 71 points:

6th-10th was very close points wise and filled with some very good songs. Belarus opening the show was never going to help its chances on the night, but Nadezhda should be proud of her performance which was the perfect opener. Shockingly this is Belarus’ 9th best result in the contest with a song that simply outshines nearly everything that Belarus has ever sent to the adult contest. Belarus really do know how to put a performance together, see you again in 2015.

6th – Ukraine – 74 points:

Going into the contest I don’t think anyone would have seen Ukraine placing this well in the contest. Ukraine have the ability to stage a song very well, they can convey the message of the song brilliantly despite the language barrier. This is Ukraine’s 5th best result in the contest and the team behind the performance should be very happy. Whether we actually see Ukraine at next years contest is a big question, Ukraine have withdrawn from Eurovision 2015. I’d be disappointed to see Ukraine go after a strong of very respectable and impressive results.

5th – Russia – 96 points:

Alisa wowed me, her vocals were amazing the performance was brilliant. But this year was an incredibly strong year, at least she did manage to break the run of Russia finishing 5th every year for the past three. Russia was a song that in any other year could have won. Alisa has a great future ahead of her and I would not be surprised in the future if we see her at any number of international song contests.

4th – Malta – 116 points:

Malta that was just stunning, Federica performed the socks off of her song and will forever be loved by the Maltese public. Never before have I heard an audience go quite so mad for the home country before, this was the culmination of an island’s dream to have their song performed in their own country. This is now Malta’s second best result ever in the contest and it was deserved. Malta after their return in 2013 have managed to find the magic formula and have got Junior Eurovision nailed.

3rd – Armenia – 146 points:

Armenia was always going to do well but I never saw third place coming. Betty had the only song on the night that was incredibly fun and looked it on stage. You can’t help but smile and dance around to this song. Armenia know how to do Junior Eurovision and long may their participation in the contest continue.

2nd – Bulgaria – 147 points:

Bulgaria now that is how you return to a contest, for a country that before now has never been very good at either Eurovision or the Junior contest 2nd place is just amazing and brilliant. BNT/BTV’s partnership has showed it works and could now bring Bulgaria back into Eurovision with renewed enthusiasm and hope that had faded over the past few years. Now I will admit I never had Bulgaria down as a winner but that performance proved to me how amazing of a voice that Krisia has, she is the pocket sized wonder singer of Bulgaria:

1st – Italy – 159 points:

Vincenzo you put absolutely everything into that performance and by god did it work. You believed in the song and you got every note just perfect, you showed that a simple song can have a huge amount of impact. Only three countries didn’t give you any of their top.3 marks. Italy brought a song to the contest that felt very Italian, they brought a singer with a vast amount of talent, and they have created one of the best Junior Eurovision songs we’ve seen.

Junior Eurovision has nowhere to go but up from here, there are going to be a lot of countries after last nights show that will take it far more seriously and actually consider either debuting or returning to the contest. Well done to the JESC team and to PBS.

8 thoughts on “JESC’14: A Look At The Results”

  1. Let’s Hope that BNT and BTV will now work together and bring Bulgaria back to the Eurovision final. Krisia has proved that Bulgaria gots talent. To Croatia I feel sorry. They though that because they won a Long Time ago they would get high ranked. For that they could have Return to Eurovision and get ranked far better.

    1. Josie seemed out of breath – too much dancing around on stage. Her song was catchy but the vocals were weak.

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